It works!

Your Django-nonrel installation is working fine. Now go and build something useful with it. :)

If you'd like to learn more about using Django-nonrel take a look at the documentation. You may also want to follow the project on GitHub or subscribe to its google group so you don't miss any new features and improvements.

If you're new to Django you should take a look at the Django documentation and the Django book. You'll also find djangosnippets very useful.

If you have an existing Django project that you'd like to use with a non-relational back-end or would simply like to learn what are the differences between the normal Django and its non-relational version take a look at: porting.

If you search for reusable apps that work with Django-nonrel here's a list to get you started:

Finally, take a look at the apps listed on Django Packages. Many simple Django apps (e.g., django-registration) should work unmodified. If you want to use django-debug-toolbar you need to disable the SQLDebugPanel in your settings.